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Missouri City Solid Waste Update
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2012

“When we initially started discussions in 2007 about a solid waste contract program, we determined that after the program was firmly established, we would add a franchise fee for all residential and commercial customers in the City, similar to other cities,” said Assistant City Manager Bill Atkinson .
Currently, Missouri City manages franchise agreements with utility companies, such as Comcast, UVerse and CenterPoint, for the use of the City’s public roadways. The agreements generally require the utility company to compensate the City based on a percentage of gross receipts.
The new franchise fee for the City is estimated to generate $376,000. “Proceeds from the income will be instrumental in helping staff to meet the essential priorities of public safety, economic growth and infrastructure improvements set by City Council and our citizens,” explained Atkinson.
Residents and business owners can expect to see the service charge reflected in their statements starting with the second quarter of fiscal year 2013.
Time to Review Service Selections. Citizens who participate in the City’s Municipal Solid Waste Program are reminded that the boards of directors for homeowners associations and municipal utility districts have until Aug. 31 to review and make any changes to their current service selections for their subdivisions.
Adjustments can include moving from automated to manual service, adding recycling or adding an extra bulk pick-up day. The new level of service and the annual price changes become effective Jan. 1, 2013.
HOA and MUD boards must submit ‘Change of Service’ forms by Aug. 31. However, if HOAs and MUDs are satisfied with the present level, no form is required and service will remain the same. To obtain a copy of the form, email a request to or call 281-403-8500.
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