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Warrant Roundup
Posted on Feb 22nd, 2011

The roundup takes place March 5 through March 13. Individuals who do not settle their fines risk arrest by the Missouri City Police Department at their homes, schools and businesses.
 “Even in cases that are misdemeanors, a warrant can be issued for the offender’s arrest if they do not show up in court,” Municipal Court Administrator Cathy Haney said. “While fines are generally about $200, if one is not paid within 30 days, the amount can quickly increase by more than $100 from additional fees assessed for nonpayment.” Haney went on to explain that if a fine has to be handled by a collection agency, “the offender is charged an additional 30 percent.”
Missouri City currently has more than 8,144 outstanding warrants that total more than $1,457,633 in fines going back to 1980, Haney said.
Three ways to pay a fine in Missouri City: 
  • Visit the City’s website,, and click on “Pay Court Fines” under “Quick Links” on the homepage
  • Call 281-403-8669 and pay with a credit card
  • Go to Missouri City Municipal Court at 3845 Cartwright Rd. Extended hours will be in effect at the Court during the roundup and will include a 24-hour opportunity to make a payment, which is a drop-box located to the left of the Court entrance.
 “This time of year after residents get their tax refunds is a good time for people with outstanding warrants to go ahead and take care of them,” Haney said.
By failing to settle fines, individuals may not be able to renew their driver’s license and they are subject to being pulled over by police in other jurisdictions statewide through a system that tracks outstanding warrants.
In 2010, Missouri City cleared 281 warrants and netted $63,000 during the Statewide Warrant Roundup, Haney said. The fact that the Roundup was statewide also helped in locating people who now live in other parts of Texas, but who still have outstanding warrants in Missouri City.
Most of the 281 warrants that were resolved involved traffic offenses, City code violations and school truancies. In addition, several older cases were cleared off the books, allowing the Municipal Court staff to concentrate on newer warrants.
Stacie Walker
Public Information Manager
City of Missouri City
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