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Harris County W.C.I.D. - Fondren Road
Fondren Park water and sewer service is through Harris County Water Control & Improvement District (W.C.I.D.) - Fondren Road.  The W.C.I.D. is administered by the Quail Valley Utility District.  Visit their site for forms and info regarding payment options, including online, and to start, transfer or cancel service:
2011 Rate Order, Policy & Regulations  Certificate Adopted 2/8/2011:   Water & Sewer Rates and Regulations, Including Orders & Policies for Usage During Emergencies
Water and Garbage Service
If you are a new resident to Fondren Park and need to apply for Water and Garbage Service, contact:
Quail Valley Utility District
3134 Cartwright Rd.
Missouri City, TX
Phone:  281-499-5539
Fax:  281-261-4507
If you were already a resident of Fondren Park as of January 1, 2011, your garbage bill is a line item on your water bill each month.
Garbage Pickup Policy
  • Republic Waste provides garbage pickup service for Missouri City and Fondren Park.
  • Pickup is two days a week -- Tuesday and Friday 
  • Garbage may be put out at the curb the evening before pickup day:  Tuesday  and Friday
  • evening after 6:00 PM. 
  • Any uncollected waste, receptacles must be removed from the curb by 11:59 PM on pickup day.
  • Limit is two garbage containers or four garbage bags.
  • Garbage in containers must be placed in bags first -- neither of which shall weigh more than 35 lbs.
  • Garbage bags:  plastic sacks designed to store residential refuse with sufficient wall strength to maintain physical integrity when lifted by the top.  Total weight of bag and contents not to exceed 35 lbs.
  • Garbage containers:  receptacles with a capacity of 30 gallons for the purpose of storing residential refuse.  All garbage stored in the container must be bagged first.
  • No metal trash can containers. 
  • Tree limbs cut and bundled to a 4-Ft length.
  • As of January 1, 2011, bulk items are now allowed each pickup day (Tuesday and Friday).
  • Bulk items are as follows:  stoves, refrigerators (CFC removed), water tanks, washing machines, furniture and other similar items and materials. 
  • No building materials accepted unless you call Republic (713-937-9955) to clarify the pickup.